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Friday, March 24, 2006

The Voter Confidence Act needs Volunteers

What can you do to help?

1. Sign up to Volunteer for a variety of tasks listed on our volunteer form. The most pressing is getting signatures. This weekend, come to the 4th Avenue Street Fair at the booth in front of the Tucson Thrift Shop at 319 N. 4th Avenue during fair hours. It is a fun, causal way to help get signatures. Once you fill up your sheets, contact us and we will try and arrange for a free notary republic to witness your signture. DO NOT sign the back of the sheets until you are in the presense of a notary public...which we can arrange for you.

2. Pick up a petition from Democratic Headquarters, 4639 E First Street. Or, download one here. Be sure to follow the instructions. If each person takes a couple of sheets and has their friends do so also, we can fill these up pretty quickly.

If you would like some mailed to you, email us with your full name and address. If you are circulating petitions for a candidate or other cause, consider taking this one also.

3. Volunteer for other things in support of the Act like donating stamps, creating buttons, marketing, PR, financial donations, etc. Again, you can fill out our form and if you are interested in helping in more than one area, just check 'all of the above'.

4. Contact your Republican and Democratic County and LD Chairs to ask for their support on The Voter Confidence Act and to help obtain signatures.

5. Attend the next DFATucson meeting, where petitions will be available: April 5, 7 pm at WARD 6 Council Office, 3206 E 1st Ste (east of Country Club)

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