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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Voter Confidence in Elections Act - Petitions

Several groups and individuals are passing around the petition to ensure our votes are counted. Please either download the forms and circulate or pick some up at the Pima County Democratic Headquarters.

The Pima County Republican and Democratic parties also have booths set up at the Pima County Fair where you can sign the petitions. Please do so and encourage all your voting friends and family in Pima to. The booths are set up in Thurber Hall. Upon entering, turn left 2 aisles then turn right. The second booth down is the Democratic Party booth and directly across from it is the Republican Party booth.

The Voter Confidence in Elections Act will require the following:

1. A paper trail for all voting machines, with the ballots securely stored in case of recount.

2. A hand count of a randomly selected small number of precincts, as a check on the computer counting system.

3. A mandatory recount in all elections where the margin of victory is less than one half of one percent (it is now one tenth on one percent).

4. Requires that all recounts are done manually (instead of the current system which makes manual recounts illegal for the most part - electronic recounts are mandated now).

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