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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Uncounted's Tucson Premiere

On March 11, 2008, AuditAZ sponsored the Tucson premiere of Uncounted - The New Math of American Elections.

The turnout was spectacular with approximately 350 attendees. Director David Earnhardt along with The Brad Blog's Brad Friedman and Pima Democratic Party attorney Bill Risner spoke after the movie on issues regarding election integrity. The attendees were then allowed to ask questions of the panel. A special thanks to The Loft for allowing us to show the movie at their theatre and their ongoing support of the community.

Arlene Leaf and Sandra Spangler, AuditAZ organizers (left), hand out information on Senate bills, our organization, the Pima County Democratic lawsuit against the County, and sell DVDs to moviegoers.

Director David Earnhardt (lower right) did a spectacular job on the movie both in content and presentation. Michael Moore could learn a few tricks from Mr. Earnhardt on production quality.

Of course, we had time for a few laughs and silliness. Mary Mancini, (lower center) Media & Outreach Specialist, poses with the movie DVD at the behest of AuditAZ organizer Cheryl.

After the panel discussion and Q & A, moviegoers gathered on the patio to chat more until we were kicked out at closing. Several of us moved the party to Kingfisher restaurant where we enjoyed more intimate conversations with David, Mary and Brad.

If you are interested in having a house party to educate voters on what is happening to our
elections, you can now buy the DVD and host your own screening.

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