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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

John Edwards Supports Ban on "Touch Screen" DREs

Presidential candidate John Edwards supports ban of DRE's according to PDA National Chair, Mimi Kennedy:

"PDA was in the house when presidential candidate John Edwards offered historic support to banning Direct Record Electronic touch-screen voting machines from U.S. elections. At a March 2 campaign appearance sponsored by the Pacific Palisades Democatic Club, PDA activsts who stepped to the audience microphone during Q&A included PDA local leaders Marcy Winograd, Brad Parker, Ahjamu Makalani, Dorothy Reik, Wayne Williams and PDA national chair Mimi Kennedy...

Kennedy: “I’m going to try not to make people’s eyes cross with the technical stuff,” Kennedy continued. “You of all people know the effect new technology has had on our elections, and after working a year and a half on these issues, Progressive Democrats of America and others have identified that the worst offender is the touch-screen Direct Record Electronic voting machine.”

Edwards nodded and vigorously drew a large X in the air in front of him with his free hand.

“So I’m going to ask you, do you support complete removal of Touch-Screen Direct Record Electronic machines from our election system, with our without a paper trail?”

“YES!” Edwards replied without elaboration or equivocation.

“Yes!” echoed Ms. Kennedy to cheer and applause from the audience.

Hopefully, we will be seeing more presidential candidates voice their opposition to DREs and call for a ban. If you know of any other candidates who support this ban, please email us at auditaz at gmail dot com and we will post their statements.

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