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Monday, January 29, 2007

News on Upcoming Events

The lawsuit Pima County Dems voted to support at the county organizing meeting last month, demanding records the county is denying access to around the early reports pulled from early (VBM) ballot data, may be filed this Wednesday.

John Brakey and Bill Risner will be speaking at the County Board of Supervisors:
Wed, 1/31. Around 2:30 PM.

Two supervisors, Chair Richard Elias (D) and Ray Carroll (R) are working with EIC, and they should be thanked. You can email your thanks to each supervisor by clicking on their names above. The others must be lobbied.

Brad Friedman form Bradblog
, a leader in reporting on election integrity issues nationally, will be in Phoenix to do two radio shows on Air America
1480 KPHX, on Thursday and Friday Feb. 1st & Feb. 2nd 2007. He may be in Tucson on Wednesday, Jan. 31st. Save Wednesday evening just in case, and if you can attend the County Supes this week, please do so. In Phoenix there will be a gathering on Friday, I believe, stay tuned for details.

Finally, David Waid and Donna Branch Gilby, Chair and Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party, are carrying a friendly amendment authored by AUDITAZ and others, putting extra power into the DNV election integrity resolution when they go to DC later this week for the DNC quarterly meeting.

by Gerry Straatemeier of
Sonora Progressives

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