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Thursday, November 02, 2006

This Election Can Be Hacked: HELP NEEDED

We must bring to your attention possible vulnerabilities in our voting systems, especially as they relate to counties running Diebold Election Systems products. We are asking the help of the Arizona State Parties as well as individuals.

The mail-in votes in a Diebold environment are a target because Diebold's “central count” scanners (firmware 2.0.12) do not keep an independent paper record of the vote.

For more information on how the mail-in vote can be hacked and what protections we need to have in place, click here.

Problem TWO: “Hacking The Precinct Vote”

We know that the Diebold precinct optical scanners do have “interpreted code” in use, a type of programming banned under the FEC rules concerning voting systems.


“This is code that is readable by humans and modifiable by humans. This is kind of code that is often used by scientists and engineers …because it is easily modifiable, and should be used only in an experimental environment.

It should never be used in any device or system that requires security and [it] is explicitly prohibited by the 2002 Federal Election code.”

For more information on how the precinct vote can be hacked and what we need to do, click here.

RECAP (Hacking Protections & Audit): Click here

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