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Monday, May 08, 2006

Democracy BEGINS with the integrity of the vote, and ENDS without it.

Diebold Machine Open House

Action Needed!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 9, The Pima County Elections Director, Brad Nelson is holding an "Open House" to show people how the touchscreens work for elections. The "Open House" will be held on 1:00 p.m. at the County Administration Building, Board Hearing Room, 130 West Congress in Tucson.

The Open House format makes it easy for the county staff to demonstrate only one side of the issues concerning touchscreen devices. They are being promoted as the best solution for disabled people, especially the blind, but there are far better devices that have a verifiable paper trail. The machines are not only easily hacked, they provide no audit trail and transparency. We have all heard of the many problems with touchscreen devices and the ones the Secretary of State has chosen for us have them all. We need people there asking lots of hard questions. although an open house format does not make it easy to discuss the real issues. Please come if you can.

Read more on the issues and what are SOS office and elections division is NOT doing about it here: (Recent story on interview with spokesman for AZ Secretary of State Brewer, Joe Kanefield).

Here are some questions to ask at the Open House:

Click and print here

If you can't come the open house, (scheduled at a time when most people are at work), please contact your supervisor and ask them to delay approval until the bugs are out of the system and the lawsuits resolved.
Please demand a real public forum with experts on all sides of the issue.

The Secretary of State is saying that we must buy the machines she chose, but we should have a choice! The Board of Supervisors has delayed a vote on county purchase of the devices after public input last week. California counties have backtracked on their approval of these machines in past weeks. We do not need to rush into a bad decision!

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