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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Two important actions to take NOW!

Will your vote be counted?
Not unless we take action!

1) Please attend a special meeting on 6.15.2006, 2475 E Water St Tucson, AZ at 6 pm.

Election Integrity speakers will discuss the serious issues in Diebold, which has just been approved for purchase by the Pima Board of Supervisors. Elias and Carroll voted "no" (please thank them) but Bronson, Valdez and Day voted "yes" to purchase hackable machines that have had serious flaws as reported all over the country, are expensive to maintain, and leave no durable papertrail to audit. Additionally, phone or email the Board members above who voted "yes" and ask for a reconsideration.

2) Contact your state senators and urge them to pass SB1557

This bill would provide Arizona with election safe-guards. Click here to learn more.

Lawsuit attempts to keep DREs out of Arizona

A group of Arizona voters have filed a Motion for Preliminary Injunction against Sec. of State Jan Brewer and 12 County Recorders to halt the purchase of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) touch-screen voting systems in the state made by both Diebold, Inc. and Sequoia Voting Systems. These voting systems have numerous security and reliability problems and do not adequately accommodate the disabled voters they are intended to serve. A hearing has been scheduled for June 26, 2006. Go here for more info on the lawsuit and problems associated with these machines.

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