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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pima County Democratic Party Files Lawsuit Against Board of Supervisors

"A hearing has been scheduled by Pima County Superior Court Judge Charles V. Harrington at 1:30 pm on Monday, May 14,2007 on the Pima County Democratic Party’s request for an order requiring the county to turn over to the party its stored computer data from past elections. The hearing is called an Order to Show Cause hearing and at that at time Chuck Huckelberry and the Pima County Election Department will be required to present evidence specifying why it would harm the public interest if the history of past elections was known to Pima County’s largest political party.

By statute the Pima County Board of Supervisors run our county and state elections. Although three of the elected supervisors were nominated and elected as Democrats, nonetheless, Supervisor Valadez and Supervisor Bronson have consistently opposed the party’s efforts to obtain public records from the county and have forced their own party to sue. At the recent County Convention a resolution was unanimously passed requesting their cooperation, but they have ignored the resolution and have refused to help their party."

Pima County Democratic Party Attorney of record, Bill Risner

"What we have documented from Public Records Request, Depositions from Pima Co Election Department central tabulator, Diebold GEM audit log clearly shows serious problems.

The County manger Chuck Huckelberry and his Attorney are trying to find a rabbit hole to put the case down. There is a possibility that on or before May 14th at 1:PM in Judge Charles Harrington hearing could be canceled and if it is we'll meet on the court steps and have Bill Risner, Donna Branch-Gilby, and Vince Rabago, Dr Ted Downing, and hopefully Earnest Hancock and others address the group. The suit is against Pima County Board of Supervisors.

William "Bill" Risner is the attorney of record for Pima County Democratic Party. To quote Pima County Democratic Party’s Attorney Bill Risner in his reply to the court:

"The defendant Pima County has asserted that the sky will fall and the sun will not rise in the morning if the Democratic Party obtains the past election data they seek."

For over 2 years we have been investigating Pima County Election Department and we don't like what we're have found. They have illegally been printing of election results up to 8 days before the election using the mail in early ballots. This has been going on since the primary of 2004. We know how the backdoor works with the GEMS/Diebold system and how it could be easily hacked using MS-Access.

They've known about the backdoor since 1996: Several Pima County bureaucrats from the very top down have known about the backdoor in our voting system. This odd procedure is not found in the 548 page Diebold's User Guide for our voting software, nor does explain that the system is built upon Microsoft Access. Furthermore, by using MS-Access, in less than a minute; a person could switch election by changing two positions in the candidates table (in Access) flipping an election all the way down to the precinct level. "

John R Brakey

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