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Friday, August 15, 2008

Tucson Citizen & Tucson Weekly still get it wrong

AuditAZ Co-Founder and election integrity activist, John Brakey, sent a letter to activists regarding the Tucson Citizen and Tucson Weekly's misconstruing the facts of the Pima Democratic Party's lawsuit against the Board of Supervisors for the election databases.

Below is part of the letter regarding the legal decision and background:

"In its endorsement of Sharon Bronson, the Tucson Citizen misconstrued the facts. Therefore, misled its readers when it did not provide context for the Board’s expensive yearlong opposition to releasing electronic computer databases.

The Tucson Weekly followed with its own endorsement of Bronson without providing context. The judge ruled that electronic databases were public records because the county was unable to prove its burden that releasing the records was a security risk. Indeed, it is true as Donna Branch-Gilby affirmed, that Bronson made a motion on January 8, 2008 not to appeal the Judge’s first order to release only two databases.

However, the larger context of all of the motions made at the January 8 meeting clearly proves that Bronson’s maneuver was intended to block the release of all other databases, including the RTA, that the Democratic party had asked for. The judge’s order allowed for future release of more databases beyond the two.

Bronson’s claim that that she made the motion not to appeal does not tell the story that she was the one who cited “legal impediments” to obstruct the release of the databases.

The Fact is the Board of Supervisors is also the Board of Elections. The key to honest elections lies here in Pima County with them, not with the appointed County Manager who has known since 1996 about the Diebold election system backdoor.

Here is a video link to what really happened at the Jan 8th BOS meeting (20 minutes). It is not like what Bronson has said.


The Clip comes from an upcoming Documentary Called "Forced Agenda: How the Growth Industry Subverts Democracy"

Bronson and Valadez, for over two years, fought us over the issues of transparency in elections and never voted with us until “yuppie riot”.

On Jan 8th, I knew the only way we could win was to get Supervisor Ann Day (R) with us by putting Richard Elias (D) on the spot. Richard never voted with us unless we lost. I knew this, and got people to contact Ann Day.

What put us over the top with Ann Day was Dr Tom Ryan meeting with her, and was able to finally convince her.

Bronson on the morning of the 8th called me and tried to play me by saying to me "you won, let’s work together again.” Then at the meeting, Bronson tries to release just the two databases the judge initially ordered, which would have been useless for the purposes of analysis. To find a flip you have to have a flop. You can't do one with out the other.

If anyone should get credit for pushing the Jan 8th vote over the top it was Ann Day. The video link shows the clear position of Bronson and her obstruction to transparency.

Half way through the video, please pay special attention to Huckleberry and Deputy County Attorney Straub celebrate when they thought they had successfully fooled the crowd into accepting one database for the Primary, and one for the General Election of 2006.

However, their little celebration was premature. At the break Richard Elias tried to clear the room, before the rest of the speakers had been heard from. As the meeting starts again the "yuppie revolt" erupted to help clinch the victory. We won the vote to release all the databases by 5 to 0, including the RTA databases, thanks to Ann Day (just like I said would happen if we had her vote).

We have the rest of the video from J.T. with Sound and Fury, that we could mine for more details.

So friends, what do we do? Change Can’t Wait.

Hope, Peace and Democracy.


John Brakey, co-founder of AUDIT-AZ (Americans United for Democracy, Integrity, and Transparency in Elections, Arizona) & Co-Coordinator Investigations for Election Defense Alliance. "

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