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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Arizona, Maricopa County Elections Subverts the Hand Audit of Ballots Again

This encounter took place the day after the Arizona primary election of  Aug. 24th.  The Maricopa elections office is having representatives from  the three recognized political parties (Democratic, Republican and  Libertarian) pick which 2% of the precincts to hand count at Sheriff Joe  Arpaio's training center.

It didn't go quite as planned.   Arizona law (ARS 16-602 paragraph B1) says "don't pick until you've  announced what the results are for each precinct".  This is vital -  otherwise, the county can learn which precincts are going to be hand  counted and just avoid rigging those.  As you'll see, this  legal/security violation is one of many currently under litigation.   Taken together, these violations are the county election department's  way of make a claim to be able to rig our vote any time they want, to  whatever degree they want.

The lawsuit is about taking that "right" away from them.

The  plaintiffs include a mix of voters and candidates from across the  state, all affected if the 56% of the AZ vote in Maricopa is tampered  with.  Lead attorney is Brad Roach (Republican) backed by consulting  attorney Bill Risner (Democrat and veteran of many election lawsuits in  Pima County AZ) and also consulting is Libertarian attorney (and LP  state chair) Michael Kielsky.  Investigators are John Brakey (a Democrat  who's the cameraman in the above clips) from AUDIT-AZ based in Tucson,  and Jim March (Libertarian with the goatee) with AUDIT-AZ and a member  of the Board of Directors of BlackBoxVoting.org

This is not the 1st time. Video clip from November 2008.

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