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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fatally Flawed Second Showing at Crossroads 11/16/09 @ 7 pm

Voices of Opposition on the Big Screen!

Presenting Fatally Flawed.

It's 2009. Do you know where your vote is?

Arizona Daily Star headline, Wednesday 11/11/09: 109 votes found after election's "final tally"


When: Monday, November 16, at 7 pm

Where: Crossroads 6 Grand Cinemas, 4811 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ

Admission: $3/person at the door

"Fatally Flawed" is a true detective story about the RTA vote, the two billion dollar bond transportation measure passed under suspicious circumstances in Pima County in 2006. This shocking film documents the long-standing fight to re-examine the ballots, which has involved the Democratic and Libertarian Parties as well as high-level state and county officials. Everyone needs to understand the questions raised about election integrity in Pima County.

Sponsored by Voices of Opposition

As part of the Monday Night Film/Lecture Series

For more information, call 622-6419 or check www.voicesofopposition.com

Fatally Flawed website at www.fatallyflawedthemovie.com

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