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Saturday, August 16, 2008

"If I Did It: Confessions of the Hacker and How I rigged a $2 Billion RTA Election":

Who is willing to take a polygraph?

Short report: What we believe happened in the May 16, 2006, Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) bond election in Pima County, Arizona

Video clip on how we believe it was done and the equipment used then see this short video. From HBO’s Hacking Democracy: The Pima county way and the special equipment needed to Rig the RTA Pima Election Department purchased a Cropscanner Card Reader programmer

Confession is good for the soul.

A press report last week quoted Bryan Crane as saying he had to look up on a map where the Boondocks Bar was located. However he got there, he was seen that evening by another available witness who knows Mr. Crane. Mr. Osmolski related his conversation with Mr. Crane to four separate people at the bar that evening.

After watching these two short video clips you can understand what guilt does and why Bryan Crane confessed to Zbgniew Osmolski:

Video clip Attorney Bill Risner deposing 'the hacker' Bryan Crane 2/27/07. A very nervous, guilt ridden Pima county election Diebold/GEMS computer operator.

Video clip from the Pima County AZ court trial testimony of Bryan Crane. Bill Risner on redirect takes Crane apart over the slip of the finger on the computer mouse, bull manure story.

-John Brakey

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