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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Join Us for Monday's Preview of Fatally Flawed

When : Monday, March 9th at 7pm
Where: University of Arizona's Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Building (North East Corner of Speedway & Mountain, Free Parking on the East side of the building)
Free & Open to the Public

Fatally Flawed, a newly-produced local documentary that chronicles the legal challenge to the May 2006 Pima County election which created the Regional Transportation Authority and generated a lawsuit resulting in the largest release of election data in US history, will be previewed for the public Monday, March 9, 2009 @ 7 pm.

An alliance of the Tucson Chapter of Democracy for America and Voices of Opposition will host the presentation on Monday, 7 pm, at the University of Arizona's Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AME) building on the northeast corner of Speedway and Mountain. Free to the public.

The issues involving the apparent lack of integrity of the electoral process in Pima County and Arizona and the almost three-year-old challenge to release of the RTA election ballots for a hand count remain headline news to this day. While Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard has indicated that the recount process is not over, questions remain over the whereabouts of the ballots and the procedure to be used to count them.

In addition to the screening, principal investigators of the election will be on hand to provide insight on the current issues related to the controversy.

Recently, members of the local Democratic Party's Election Integrity Committee offered individual opinions on the matter.

“The Democratic Party [and all other political parties] has a statutory right and a critical role in our state system to track and see what’s going on with our elections,” said Attorney Bill Risner, who is involved with the legal investigation into the validity of the May 2006 Regional Transportation Authority Election.

"Elections and election processes should not be secret, and when they are it's a strong sign of either outright fraud or an agency fearful of having its own incompetence exposed,” insisted Jim March, board member of Blackboxvoting.org and local election investigator. “True security always lies in openness.”

Michael Duniho, former election inspector in Maryland and computer analyst concluded, "It seems clear that our system of 'one-man, one-vote' only works if a large number of people monitor the election, to be sure it is honest."

From the words of those who controlled the election and others who have investigated the election, Fatally Flawed makes the case that:

1. Acts of omission and commission occurred before, during and after the May 2006 election by entrusted officials, constituting the charges of election fraud.

2. To date, government officials at the local and state levels have acted to thwart the resolution of these accusations of a rigged election.

3. Only a prompt, fair, and transparent hand counting of the May 2005 ballots will remove the cloud over the creation of the RTA.

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