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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Press Conference TODAY


When: Thursday, September 11, 2008 2:30 pm promptly

Where: Valdez Main Library Downtown, Downstairs meeting room

Larry Bahill, Pima County Elections Director from 1981 to 1993, will brief the press on how an Election Department should be run and will comment on current problems. The current Election Director, Brad Nelson, has falsely blamed the delay of election results on a supposed Democratic Party demand to avoid the use of electronic transmission of results from precincts to the central count facility. Mr. Bahill will describe how his department produced early results without modems. He will also discuss the need for election observers to ensure election transparency and the need for thorough documentation of chain of custody tracking of ballots. Mr. Nelson instigated the false arrest of John Brakey at the hand-count audit session on the 6th of September because Mr. Brakey was asking questions about incorrect, broken, and missing security seals on ballot bags, and Mr. Nelson is on record as saying that he himself has done nothing to document or trace security seal problems – thus rendering the legally required, essential random audit of the computer’s vote count nearly useless.

In addition to Mr. Bahill, other speakers will include Brad Roach (candidate for County Attorney), Donna Branch-Gilby (candidate for Board of Supervisors), Richard Harding (retired senior employee of the Pima County Election Department), David Euchner Esq (chair of the Pima County Libertarian Party), and Bill Risner (Pima County Democratic Party Attorney who won a landmark lawsuit against Pima County about election transparency).

This non-partisan Press Conference is supported by Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, Independents, and notable Republicans (not the party) a growing number of elected officials and others involved in the elections process, including:

  • Bill Risner, Esq.,
  • Jim March, Computer Expert, BBV,
  • Randy Graf,
  • Donna Branch-Gilby,
  • Jeff Rogers Esq (Vice-Chair of Pima County Democratic Party),
  • David J. Euchner Esq (Chair of Pima County Libertarian Party),
  • Professor Ted Downing, (Chair of State ADP-EIC),
  • John Kromko,
  • J. M “Mike” Hayes,
  • Mickey Duniho,
  • Richard Harding (retired employee Pima Co Election Dept),
  • Noel Day (former employee Pima Co Election Dept), and many more.

TOPIC: Examining Pima County’s Flimsy Excuses for Posting Late Election Results

The Pima County Election Department attributes the delay in releasing the vote tallies on a timely fashion on the Pima county Democratic Party.

Fact is, it was Pima County’s own decision not to use phone modems; due to security concerns of possible hacking the central tabulator through the phone modem to precinct at end of day phone connection.

Then, Pima County Election Department then blames the Democratic Party for the slow results.

In point of fact, Pima County disconnected the modems. Facts are when Larry Bahill was the election director he had to run and load 250,000 plus punch cards and had 100% of the precincts reported by 1AM! Therefore, Pima County's other excuse that it takes a long time to load 400 memory cards just doesn't stand up.

Undoubtedly, questions will come up about the illegal arrest of John Brakey. Bill Risner will address this. Larry Bahill will address that it was totally uncalled for and unprofessional for Brad Nelson to have Mr. Brakey arrested.

Details at the Press Conference.

Your participation counts in this Citizen Voter action to help shine the light of integrity and transparency on the games being played by the Pima County Election Department.

Additionally the next morning at 9AM, please be at the Pima County Board of Sups meeting for the canvas. We will recommend the canvas is NOT certified until proper protocols and validation are the election is completed. We see many problems that must be addressed.

The Pima County Election Transparency Project

Contact: John Brakey 520-578-5678 Cell 520 250 2360

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