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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ed R. Murrow a.k.a. Real Journalism is Dead

The Fourth Estate is actively at work.

The corporate media has done a miserable job over the past decades representing the people they are supposed to work for--the citizens. Instead, they serve the corporate business and wealth interests in our country. It is nearly impossible to get accurate and investigative journalism anymore. Instead, what you get is propaganda for and by the oppressors and mudslinging against anyone who is fighting to keep the constitution in tact and to represent and fight for democracy.

Whenever we link to and quote corporate media sources, let this be a general disclaimer that for any one nugget of truth and transparency they report, they suppress, propagandize and/or outright shill for their corporate bosses ten times more often. Since we are an all-volunteer citizen organization and not a conglomerate, corporate-moneyed "news" organization, we don't have to serve anyone but the American citizens. So, as we link and quote to 'news' articles in this post and past and future ones, keep in mind we are extremely dissatisfied with the overall tone and coverage of this fight, save for one or two reporters who at least attempted to get a general understanding of the issues and report as such.

Unfortunately, the editors and owners call the final shots and determine what gets printed. So-called journalists who have no problem calling people insane or knotheads or idiots. We would like to ask Nintzel and Boegle what 'evidence' they have that Kromko is insane or that state Rep. Russell Pearce is a knothead and Don Goldwater is an 'idiot'? It seems anyone that goes after corporate abuse gets called names and presented as liars. You don’t have to agree with someone’s positions but this is beyond unprofessional and an indication of just what the standards are at the Weekly. You would think for all the fake concern the Tucson Weekly has published in prior articles regarding the welfare of immigrants on the border, that they would at least want to look at the main cause of the ongoing border issues...the illegal corporate abusers. One thing seems consistent, from their ongoing reporting to endorsements, the corporate candidates and corporate initiatives are backed by the Weekly the vast majority of the time over taxpayer and citizen rights.

In the Jimmys’ world, when the RTA sponsors pay a along time corporate hack pollster to propagandize that the initiative would have passed anyway, and the hack is said to have been so "nice" to supply that propaganda--and of course being the independent, responsible journalists Jimmy and Jim Nintzel are, they don't question the conflict of interest on the purported polls. Nope. And Boegle doesn't need 'evidence' that the polls were done when said, that the results are what they show, etc. Why does he have a vested interest in denying the election was stolen? That is the real question. Oh, but with plenty of circumstantial evidence and a signed affidavit saying it WAS stolen, well that isn't evidence to him and instead, his paper accuses the person swearing by the affidavit of being a criminal type element, bad employee, etc. Even more ironic, the polls they quote didn't even show the initiative passing! It shows 46% the week up to the election. You need 50%+ to pass. Apparently they need reading glasses too. I guess the real life polls by people who actually talked to voters in thousands going door-to-door don't matter to the Tucson Weekly because it doesn't serve their agenda.

Those numbers aren't "evidence" in the Nintzel/Boegle Orwellian world.

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